Episode 10001000: “The rot is so deep”

Content Warning: Anti-capitalism, COVID-19, starvation, gun violence.

Sometimes, we come to Binary Jazz without a topic. And sometimes we opine about “the state of things”. This is one of those episodes. Apologies to anyone looking for more fun, light-hearted content, we’ll be back next week, hopefully with another non-confrontational topic. If you’re not interested in our fairly leftist views on capitalism, the COVID vaccine, gun rights, etc., feel free to skip this one and listen to a different episode.

In this episode, we read some random email we’ve received and talk about what to do if your parachute doesn’t deploy after jumping out of an airplane, ransomware, survival, gun rights and violence, and capitalism’s influence on those things.

Intro and outro music by Serpiente Negra Ensamble, (“Musurgia Universalis” and “Düzensiz Meksikali”) from their album El Murciélago. © 2021 Serpiente Negra Ensamble. Used with permission.

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