Episode 1111101: Hirameki

In this episode, Gary and Chris agree, at least, that Hirameki is Japanese in origin. Beyond that, there is no agreement as to weather it refers to a composer/painter/poet, a construction adhesive or a seaweed paste used as a filling for sandwiches. Also, being a smart-ass in high school, food, mispronouncing words that you’ve only known from books, problems with reverb and experimental music. If you are Gary’s High School teacher who knew him as Asparagus, please get in touch with us!

Intro and outro music by Serpiente Negra Ensamble, (“Musurgia Universalis” and “Düzensiz Meksikali”) from their album El Murciélago. © 2021 Serpiente Negra Ensamble. Used with permission.

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