Episode 1110101: Murmuration

Welcome to the new and improved version of Binary Jazz! Actually, there’s nothing new or improved about the show other than a new, improved intro and outro by Serpiente Negra Ensamble, who we got an email from in the last episode. We debate whether murmuration refers to a heart condition or quiet murmuring. Topics also covered include D&D, something that sounds an awful lot like a Dyson Sphere, the Genrenator, things we would do if we randomly had a month to do whatever, library smell, newspaper routes and our Twitter origins.

Intro and outro music by Serpiente Negra Ensamble, (“Musurgia Universalis” and “Düzensiz Meksikali”) from their album El Murciélago. © 2021 Serpiente Negra Ensamble. Used with permission.

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